My name is Amanda, AKA mom to Aella and Astrid. I am a 26 year old, work at home mom to twin girls. With a background as a nanny and degree in early childhood development, I am excited to finally be a mom myself! 

I wrote notes in a type of online journal all throughout my pregnancy, delivery, and the early weeks with the babies, so I will be going back to publish some of those thoughts, stories, pictures, and opinions. I really want this blog to be a place where I can get things off my chest, talk about things that are important to me, connect with other twin parents, and be a fun resource for other who may be now or in the future going through the same things. I think most importantly, I want this blog to be a series of snapshots of my baby’s lives that they can look back on and read. I think my husband is most exciting for me to have a place to talk about my babywearing obsession, so he can stop hearing about all the options, why I love it, and what I want to try next. There will be typos, probably some grammar mistakes, and a not so great writing style, but that is just who I am. I have never been a writer or really enjoyed writing, but I don’t want to ever forget these stories, memories, and just fun things that happen along the bumpy road of having twins. I know people talk about pregnancy brain, but I have a serious case of mom brain and feel like I can’t remember anything. My brain is now mush, which will become apparent in my post about their delivery. I don’t want to get too much into all of that now, but I will soon. I don’t even really believe that as I am typing it. I am lucky to shower on a normal schedule, much less sit down to type or work on my actual business. Twin life is an exhausting, beautiful, overwhelming, magical mess that I love everyday. Consequently, I will be late with all of my posts. Just taking and editing pictures to document their growth has become so hard to keep up with. Just to type this out I had to send Aella off with dad and I probably only have a few minutes before Astrid is awake and hangry. No, not a typo yet. She gets hungry and extra mad if she has to wait for food, so hangry. I think I am off to eat, while I have the chance to eat alone.


You can see my home business here, http://www.AMKCrochet.com!