Wearing Your Twins During the First Year

Twins are hard work and sometimes it can feel impossible to do anything else, like cleaning, grocery shopping, dinner prep, drinking some coffee, or just taking a walk. Having support and help from friends and family can help, but at some point most parents end up having to juggle the twins alone. I was fortunate to have a lot of help those first few months and still felt that I needed more hands! Babywearing was the only way that I have survived the last 6 months (and counting)!

Early Days: There are so many options to wear one baby, in the early days, but wearing two is where is gets tricky! Sometimes you only need to wear one, which is great!

  1. Stretchy wrap.

Stretchy wraps are great! I personally loved the Moby wrap, since I could pre-tie it on and pop a baby in, if needed. You can wear both babies in the Moby wrap, but it can get tight pretty fast! I never really wanted to venture out of the house, wearing both in the Moby. However, it was great for the fussy times, when both wanted to be held for a nap, while walking around. Also, it great for some skin to skin time, while keeping baby warm. When you can take a minute to sit down, the Moby is very comfortable to wear, while one or two are sleeping.

They were a little over a month old, in the picture below.

1 Month - 2 Weeks Moby Wrap

There is also stretchy wraps, such as the K’tan, where you don’t have to learn to wrap. Down side it, you have to get the correct size and it can be tricky for multiple people to use (my husband and I are luckily the same size). Can be used for wearing both, but I never felt comfortable with it. 

My husband using the Moby, while I am wearing the K’tan.

0 Months - 2 Weeks Baby Wearing

  1. Weego

There are several soft structured carriers that you can use in the beginning, but most need the baby to weigh more, use an infant insert, or only wear one. That is why I recommend the Weego, since you can wear both easily from the beginning! It is a buckled carrier that you have both babies on your front, in their own little pocket. Downside is that it is expensive and can only be used the first few months. While you can wear from the beginning, you can’t have skin to skin contact. Even after being used, they do sell really well on Facebook buy, sell, and trade groups. 

  1. Ring Slings

The main reason I love my ring sing is for breastfeeding. During the early days it can be tricky to get your twins on the same feeding schedule or deal with a growth spurt, so it’s nice to have a way to carry them around, while feeding them. A ring sling also doubles as a cover, if you prefer to cover yourself while nursing. Little bit of a learning curve to use, but is very fast to get baby up and down. Downside is that it covers your shoulder, so lifting your arms up is tricky, which can limit what you can do. You can wear two rings slings, for a tandem carry, but I never found it comfortable enough.

Wearing one baby, a little over a month old. Can you tell we like to go walking around? 🙂

1 Month - 1 Week Babywearing.jpg

  1. Woven Wraps

Woven wraps are amazing. You can get all sorts of fabrics, lengths, and designs. They are by far the most versatile of baby wearing. You can wear two separate woven wraps, add rings, carry both babies in one wrap. The possibilities are endless. Downside is the learning curve. It takes a good amount of practice and patience to get a hang of all of the different carries. I bought a beautiful shorter woven wrap and extra large rings, so that I could do the Jasmine Tandem Hip Carry. As much as I wanted to love the carry, I had a rough time with it and only used it for the emergency both babies are screaming and need a nap situations. I was never very great at it, so here is a video to show you! By the way, her videos are amazing and show several variations for different tandem carries. 

4+ Months:

You can use all of the above methods from the early days on till they either reach the weight limit or are not comfortable for you anymore. Once my babies met the criteria for wearing them on my back, it was a game changer for me. You can wear your ring sling and woven wrap on your back, hip, and front! Stretchy wraps and the Weego are not as much help, at this point. I still use my Moby, when the babies want to be held for a nap, but I never leave the house with it anymore. It is just not as supportive when their weight is over 15 lbs (from my experience). 

My 5 month old, sleeping in the Moby, on a rough nap day.


  1. Soft Structured Carriers:

There are so many options for soft structured carriers, but for tandem wearing I highly recommend the TwinGo. I no longer have to figure out how to wear both and a diaper bag (there are giant pockets on the front and back of the original). I no longer have to worry about having the stroller for one and carrying one. The TwinGo made it so I can choose to carry only one (on my front, back, or hip), or carry both (one on front and one on back). Only downside is you have to wait for one of the babies to meet the criteria to be worn on your back (read here). Before that, you can use an infant insert and wear one of them. Also, until they meet the criteria to be on your back, you can wear one on your front and have someone else wear the other on their front.

20170913_152813 (1)

For those that are a little intimidated by putting a baby on your back, I took a video to show how fast it is! There are great videos to help you on their website, here.

I promise her arm is not stuck! I know it looks a little weird how she is holding it down. 🙂 I think she was a little distracted with the video, she pulled it up a minute later.


There are so many other options for babywearing! This is just what worked for me and my babies, while letting me be a little more hands free. I highly recommend attending a local babywearing meeting, if you have some. There is usually a lending library, where you can check out and try different carriers and people there to help you figure out what is best for you.

Never feel bad about wearing one twin more than the other! It will almost always even out at some point. Plus, most twins don’t seem to mind. I had one colicky twin, so I wore her constantly! Now, my other twin is the one who wants all the attention, they are always switching! If one baby is happy to fall asleep without help or content to look around/play by herself, please let her! On the other hand, if you baby wants all the snuggles and to be carried constantly, give babywearing a try! Being able to snuggle babies, while getting things done is an amazing thing.

***Please be mindful though, you cannot just bend forward in most carriers, so it can be a squats workout sometimes! Cooking while wearing is not advised, you never want to risk your baby getting burned. Please have someone to help, till you are comfortable getting baby or babies on!

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