I Really Want to ‘Do it All’, But I Can’t

During my pregnancy I started to realize that I wouldn’t be able to ‘do it all’, but I was going to try! The last trimester was rough, so I started to cut back on cooking and really anything that had me on my feet too long (after 29 weeks, when I had problems with preterm labor). I was hoping that I would be able to keep up with as much as possible, once the twins arrived.

I was fortunate enough to have my mom stay with us for 3 weeks, so at least I was fed, dishes were done, and laundry stayed under control. My mother and father in law came to visit for 10 days shortly after, so I was able to manage everything. In between having family visit, I had my husband home, so I really only had a few times here and there completely alone. My husband would go work for a few hours here and there, so I would have 2 – 6 hour stretches alone, but that is about it.

Now that I am actually by myself, with my almost 3 month olds, I am realizing I just can’t manage everything alone. Luckily, the babies are getting slightly better at sleeping and Aella’s colic has seemed to calm down. I try to run my business (selling my online crochet patterns), crochet outfits and toys for the babies, breastfeed on demand, cook healthy meals, keep up with laundry, attempt to keep dishes clean, write in my journal (so I can create blog post later), take a thousand pictures, and most importantly spend time with my babies. There are just not enough hours in the day. I was managing pretty well, until two days ago (June 13th).

The day I realized I really can’t do it all. It was a rough day. The babies woke up and I was talking and playing with them in bed, going over what we needed to do for the day and I suddenly realized I only had 9 days till their 3 month old photos and haven’t finished their outfits. In a bit of a panic I started running through my options, when I looked down and saw that Astrid had a diaper explosion… Luckily she was on a swaddling blanket, so our bed was saved, but it started a rush to get her clean and wash out her clothes. My husband hopped into the shower with her, while I cleaned up the laundry and entertained Aella. As she started spitting up everywhere, I realized we were out of clean burp cloths, so I try to start the laundry, which makes me see the dishes all stacked up in the sink and on the counter. I am slowly realizing just how behind I am. After everything was settled and started to calm back down, I decided making the babies full outfits wasn’t worth it and I was just going to use a cute dress my mother in law bought, with a crochet headband that I will make. I started to feel a little more calm, so I sat at the table with Aella in my Moby wrap, to eat some lunch, before tackling the disaster of an apartment, when another diaper explosion happened. All. Over. Me. She was only wearing a onesie, so it went down my leg, on my foot, and all over the Moby wrap she was in. Giant mess. I didn’t even know where to start. (If you have ever used a Moby wrap, you know it’s just a long piece of fabric that you tie on, to wear your baby.) Consequently, it was my turn to jump in the shower, wash the baby, my clothes, Moby wrap, and myself. It’s safe to say I did a lot of laundry, but was still behind. My husband had to cook dinner and wash all the dishes. No crocheting happened.

Luckily, I managed to at least get their headbands done in time for the photos. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t create more, but I still have a few more chances at their 6 month, 9 month, and 1 year photos! I think the photos still turned out pretty good though!

If you just so happen to be a crocheter, you can get the pattern here!

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