Messy Life of Twins Behind the Scenes

I am one of those people that takes a ton of pictures, chooses the best ones, edits, crops, and then post only the best. Well, I thought it would be fun to start sharing some ‘behind the scenes photos’. Some of my favorite pictures are me with a mom bun, no makeup, carrying both babies in some sort of crazy way trying to get them to calm down. I will do my best to not post photos that my twins will hate me later in life for or show quite more of me than people want to see, but be prepared to see a little too much. If you don’t want to see breastfeeding (not covered up, ever), my belly hanging out, and stretch marks then this is not the blog for you. 

Twin life is an exhausting, beautiful, overwhelming, magical mess that I love everyday. I will try to show pictures that capture every part!

I can only show what I am lucky enough to get a picture of though, which means either somebody is with me or it’s a selfie moment. However, I am usually too busy during the both babies screaming at me times to even think of getting a picture. Also, the crazy amount of spit-up usually gets cleaned up instead of thinking about photographing it! I am going to try to show more realistic photos as a go and see what happens.

I am going to be creating a new post every month, so here is my collection of behind the scenes from May, 2017!

Starting with one of my favorites. Astrid was breastfeeding and Aella was convinced she needed to be held, by me. I don’t know why sitting on the couch together wasn’t working for Aella, but walking and shushing was a must, while feeding her sister.


I don’t know how they are fine with being stacked on top of each other, but they seem to be okay with it! I was a little more composed with this one, since we just created our Mother’s day craft and both babies were tired and kinda mad that we painted their feet! Consequently, dad had to clean up the painting mess and I had to calm both babies and hopefully get them to sleep.

Calm Down After Mothers Day Craft

Exhausting nights filled with breastfeeding, diaper changing, and lots of soothing. This is how my morning end up a lot of the time: light left on from last diaper change, nursing tank top kinda on, stomach hanging out, shorts in awkward position, babies stacked on top, and a breast pad hanging out!

2 Months - Mess

On the occasion, I get some fun and happy mornings, where we all actually got some sleep! Some at least. It’s progress.

2 Months - Morning Time

I was so impressed that I had them in semi-matching outfits, awake at the same time, and nobody spit-up on themselves!

2 Months - 0 Weeks Stroller Together

I thought that I might have enough luck and tried to get a picture with them looking happy.. not so lucky.

2 Months - Grumpy Faces

I am convinced that one of these days I will get them to smile at the same time, 500 pictures later, I gave up and cropped two together!

2 Months - 0 Weeks Collage

Leaving the house becomes a giant production and tandem feeding in public becomes quite the spectacle! Sorry, I only have a ‘put together’ photo, not one of the blow out diaper change that happened 3 minutes later, the spit-up all that happened 10 minutes later, or my husband and I having to wear them home and push the stroller because they refuse to sit in the stroller for long.

2 Months - 1 Week First Shopping Trip - Macys

Even with double the trouble and double the messes, I love that I have double the snuggles and double the smiles! Plus, I just love seeing them together!

I would love to see some of your ‘behind the scenes’ moments with your twins or singletons!

This might seem odd as a first post on my blog, but I am trying to find the time (hahaha) to add some more about my adventures in breastfeeding, my pregnancy, my delivery, my babywearing obsession, and lots more! If you would love to read and follow along with me, please subscribe!


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